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How do I link a new Lending Club account to NSR Platform?
How do I link a new Lending Club account to NSR Platform?
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Click on the drop-down menu titled "Investing" and click on the "Accounts" link.

From the Account Manager page, click the "Existing P2P Investor" button.

At this step, it is necessary to gather some information about your Lending Club account so our platform can properly execute automated orders for you.

To proceed to the Lending Club website, please Click Here.

Once logged in, please copy your account number from this screen.

After copying your account number, return to the NSR Platform Account Setup Page to paste it in the "Account ID" field as shown below. Also, be sure to type your Lending Club Email Address Login and give your new account a Nickname

The last piece of information we'll need to open your account is your unique API Key from your Lending Club Account.

If you have never utilized a Lending Club API Key before, you will be prompted to request access and agree to the Terms and Conditions of use (as shown below).

For the purpose of using NSR Platform for automated investing, the first option must be checked.

Click the "Next" button to proceed and agree to Lending Club's API Terms & Conditions, License Agreement, and Supplement to The Investor Agreement.

Simply copy the API Key Sequence from the page (as shown below). If you just enabled the Lending Club API on your account, you may need to click the blue refresh button to generate a new API key.

If you were not already logged into your Lending Club account, or if your session timed out, you may be prompted to login again.

Lastly, paste the API Key into the Account Settings Page on NSR Platform. The picture below shows the correct field to paste the API Key to.

If you so desire to, you may also customize optional settings such as simulation mode, setting a minimum cash reserve, and enabling or disabling the account for auto-investing.

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