NSR Invest is committed to providing transparency in p2p lending.  In February 2015, Prosper changed its public reporting policy due to risks to its proprietary intellectual property.  At that point Prosper stopped providing data to NSR for public consumption. In the following months, Prosper and NSR engaged in a dialogue looking for a way for Prosper data to be made available to investors without endangering Prosper’s IP. We are happy to announce that these discussions resulted in an agreement whereby NSR will resume posting Prosper statistics as long as we mask any queries that result in fewer than 200 loans, among some other constraints. This agreement was signed in September 2015, and immediately thereafter Prosper data was live again on NSR Platform.

We are delighted to have Prosper data back on the NSR Platform, and applaud the leadership at Prosper for seeing this through. To our knowledge, NSR is the only publicly available platform that provides Prosper data via an institutional grade backtesting tool, free of charge, to its users. We are justifiably honored to have earned this position of trust -- both from Prosper and from you.

We are doing our part to ensure that individual investors, financial advisors and family offices have access to institutional quality tools, including the fastest access to the most granular p2p marketplace data.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Investor Success Team.

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