Any client with an investment in the P2P Fund may request a voluntary withdrawal of all or part of their capital account as of the last business day of each calendar quarter following the one-year anniversary of the date of initial investment in the fund. Partial withdrawals may be requested from the fund so long as the $250,000 minimum balance is maintained.

Requests for withdrawals must be made at least 75 days before the end of the calendar quarter.

Disbursements are typically made within 30 days of the withdrawal date (following the initial 75-day notice), however, we reserve the right to delay payment in certain circumstances as outlined in our partnership agreement.

Initially, capital available for withdrawal is limited to a maximum of 95% of each clients' previously updated capital account balance. Settlement of the remaining account balance will be paid 30 days following the next audit of the partnership’s annual financial statements.

For further details, please reference page 30-31 of our Private Placement Memorandum, or contact our Investor Success Team at 720-259-0455

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