First, login to NSR Platform.

Next, click on the drop-down menu titled "Investing" and click on the "Accounts" link (as shown below).

From the Account Manager page, click the "Add an Account" box towards the bottom of the page.

Next, add the following details to the account linkage form on the right side of your screen:

  • Select "Prosper" from the Platform drop-down box

  • Type an Account Nickname that will allow you easily identify this account in the future

  • If you wish to start using auto investing now, be sure to check the "Enabled" box

Optionally, you may choose to add optional account details such as:

  • Account Type

  • Minimum Idle Cash Level

  • Enable Simulation Mode

Once finished, be sure to click "Create Account" and wait to be redirected to the Prosper website.


Enter your Prosper login information and select the "Write & Read Access" permission, then click "Grant Access"

After granting access, you will be greeted with this success message.

Please NOTE: If you did not get directed to this message, you may not have provided "Read and Write Access" and will need to re-authenticate the account.

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